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Hilly Dilly have premiered Folly Rae's new single 'Run For Cover'. The single was produced and co-written by Adam Coltman. Check it out here.

"There are primarily two different types of artists appearing these days: those taking a complete shot in the dark by randomly uploading music, and those who have a premeditated plan for ascending through the musical ranks. Both types of artists can release fantastic material, but typically the latter is more dependable, and from what we've seen (and heard), we're betting that Folly Rae is a part of that category. She's already received some attention from BBC Radio 1 for last year's "Free Your Mind", but since, Folly's been relatively quiet, at least, on the surface.

Well, that's about to change, because today we're premiering her new single, "Run For Cover", and it's good enough to gain the half-English, half-Norwegian songstress a burst of hype. She has a distinct, authentic croon that definitely doesn't go over the top, but rather hits a captivating sweet-spot that engenders enjoyability. Fresh percussion, deep piano chords, intense electric guitar plucks, and smooth synths constitute the instrumental, and when Folly's vocals are thrown in the mix, solidly accented electronic indie-pop results."...Read More

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